The Green Spot is the first of its kind Healthy Convenience store and gas station with regular unleaded gas, diesel gas blended with biodiesel and B100 biodiesel.

 Our goal is to provide high quality healthy choices of food and beverages to our customers at affordable prices and promote healthy living. The Green Spot offers healthy, organic, natural food and beverages as well as some personal care products.  We brew Direct Trade and Rain Forest Alliance coffee, espresso. One cup of your morning coffee can help a small scale farmer to escape poverty.

All the food that we serve out of our café is preservative free. Our meats are locally sourced and all natural. We use cage-free eggs from animals that have been humanely treated and without the use of antibiotics or growth hormones, nitrtites and nitrates. Our sauces including bbq sauce, ranch, and dressings etc. are made from scratch in our kitchen. Greenspot offers fountain beverages that are all made out of real cane sugar. We also offer Kombucha on tap.

A variety of self-serve probiotic rich yogurt and sorbet options are available without any artificial sweeteners and without any high fructose corn syrups with a choice of healthy toppings. We carry a healthy choice of snacks for kids and adults, baked goods, gluten free options, biodegradable and non-toxic cleaning products. Our wine and beer collection slightly varies according to the season and we carry quite a few vegan, local wines and beer.

Leaving the minimal footprint on mother earth has been a practice we have been following all the way. We recycle most of our trash. Our serveware is eco-friendly and is 100% decomposable.

We compost our kitchen scraps. Our fryer oil from kitchen is converted to bio diesel. We try to buy and sell products that use less packaging or were made out of 100% post-consumer recycled material.